“La bohème” meant “we are happy”. Charles Aznavour.

Do you dream of a life of simplicity, freedom and inspiration? Do you live day to day, the wandering mind and are looking for the atypical? Yes, no doubt you’re the bohemian type🙂

The term ” bohemian ” to describe a nomadic life has its origins in the “Hippie Trail”, the journey from Europe to Asia that hippies made during the 1960s.

Even today, the bohemian spirit is synonymous with travel, nature and discovery. Often criticized as being too original and whimsical, a bohemian person is looking to break free from societal norms to live independently and autonomously.

In this article, discover the advantages of a Tiny House for a nomadic life and follow the advice of Sophie, interior designer at BANIAN CABANA to furnish this small house in bohemian style.


Living in a tiny house, bohemian life with all the comforts
Bohemian life in a Tiny House

Far from social conformism and traditional housing, Tiny House is a nomadic housing solution for those who want a bohemian life, with no particular attachment to a geographical point.

A real place of resources and inspirations, your bohemian Tiny House will follow you everywhere to discover new horizons.

Light and easily transportable, this mini house on wheels also has the advantage of being a comfortable and solid alternative habitat. Indeed, whether you decide to go on an excursion for a few days or for a longer trip, with your Tiny House you will be able to settle down very quickly to enjoy your new environment.

Totally in the bohemian state of mind, the Tiny is a nomadic dwelling which allows to give back all its importance to the outside. On the edge of a lake, in the countryside or on the edge of a forest, your little house on wheels will allow you to choose the environment that surrounds you and to enjoy it fully.


A nomadic habitat to connect and disconnect whenever you want
A nomadic Habitat

With each new desire, a new place… And it’s a bit of a new life that’s starting!

Detach yourself from the “one lot for one house” standards and finally be in tune with your personal needs.

Want to discover new cultures? New landscapes? Or just have a simple, mobile and eco-friendly place to live? Tiny House will meet all your expectations.

It can even become a very quick way to cut yourself off from the routine. By choosing a pleasant outdoor environment, conducive to relaxation and by decorating the interior in a bohemian style!

An ideal disconnection, for example, for people who are hyper-connected because of their job. The Tiny House will thus allow ” Digital Nomads ” to easily alternate their work on digital technology and their need to escape in their bohemian home.


Ideas for a bohemian tiny house
A Tiny House Bohemia

To go further in this search for inspiration to lead a bohemian life in a Tiny House, we went to ask Sophie, interior designer at BANIAN CABANA .

Largely inspired by her travels and slow deco, she shares her ideas for decorating a bohemian Tiny:

“The bohemian style is reminiscent of the nomadic spirit. It’s a decorating spirit that’s alive, not frozen, and so it’s a trend that works perfectly with the mini-home lifestyle. Indeed, a tiny house moves, it is the habitat synonymous with freedom. This small space is conducive to an atypical decoration, which corresponds to you and will thus make this place so warm. This is how you can use the boho style, each in its own way!

Aménagement d'espace bohème tinyhouse - banian cabana

This desire to live without constraint can be seen in the design of the bohemian space since it is free and allows us to express all our desires by interpreting this trend in our own way. We can then find inspiration in what we like, in the feeling of freedom offered by a living space such as a tiny house. The bohemian style can thus be mixed with others.

Older or atypical pieces will be highlighted next to more classical elements for example. You can also play between minimalism and accumulation, keeping in mind thata small space should not be overloaded so as not to suffocate it.

Boho decoration advocates a return to the essential, to nature. It is therefore by giving free rein to our desires that it takes its place. She is inspired by travel by mixing souvenirs, regardless of their origin, like a melting pot; this is what will make this home eclectic.

It’s time to give way to our artistic side! Plants, of all kinds, are obviously welcome and at will.

Warm colors and natural materials, gipsy lifestyle

Warm colours and natural materials are mixed: terracotta highlights a cactus next to a linen hammock. We can imagine ourselves reading a book under a woolen blanket on chilly evenings. And to make the house on wheel welcoming, we choose a soft light, in several forms (lamps, garland, candles, …) and we dare the patterns on textiles!

Inspired by the gipsy lifestyle, this nomadic decorating spirit is not only aesthetic and warm, but also economical. It finds all its charm in old, mottled or recycled objects and totally joins the Slow Deco movement (discover it on my blog) which also sells the art of building oneself, the famous DIY (Do It Yourself). Thus, furniture made of wooden pallets, and other creations based on materials or recycled objects are king in small living rooms or other rooms.

Idées d'aménagement esprit bohème

The bohemian trend is suitable for all spaces, whether indoor or outdoor, and can be used to give style to a terrace with a few oriental rugs, a pretty garland of lights and a cosy corner made of cushions. The whole thing is movable and can be used indoors on rainy days…

This layout sports a holiday spirit, for total disconnection and an art of living that gives way to imperfection. Then the twisted, slightly dented objects that tell a story have their place. »

For more of Sophie’s inspirations and accomplishments, check out her Instagram @baniancabana.

And for more tips and techniques for designing small spaces, check out our Blog Article HOW TO DESIGN SMALL SPACES.

You want to discuss your Tiny House project with professionals? Contact the BIMIFY team 🙂

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