Custom-made interior carpentry and fitting out in France

As a specialist in the development of small spaces,our carpentry company naturally accompanies you in your project by developing with you all theoptimization possibilities available to you.

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Our business, manufacturer of custom furniture

  • Due to our activity specialized in the design and layout of mini houses, we decided to extend our activity to the manufacture of custom furniture dedicated to small spaces.
  • Our team of carpenters manufacturers is able to realize all your desires of the design of a custom-made kitchen, a dressing room, a table, a TV cabinet or bathroom …
  • To this end, we offer a complete service including: advice,project study, design of plans, manufacturing and installation of your furniture at home.
  • Convinced of the quality of the custom furniture we produce, we apply a 5-year warranty against any manufacturing defect.

French, sustainable and natural materials

  • All the panels we use for the manufacture of your custom furniture are mainly made of poplar plywood.
  • Poplar is easy to work, it has good mechanical strength as well as low density. In addition, the poplar we use is a French wood produced in a sustainable forest management approach and 100% PEFC.
  • In order to dress the raw panels of poplar plywood, we put at your disposal a wide choice of laminate or natural wood veneer coatings available in our workshop in St. Helena.

Do you have a manufacturing project?

Bimify accompanies you in the development of your custom furniture project, from the analysis phase, feasibility, plan design to installation at your home. For any additional questions or requests for information.

Our custom-made interior fitting services

As an interior design carpentry company specializing in the manufacture of minimalist and modern custom furniture, we offer our services for the development of small spaces such as a studio, T1, T2 or van and van.

Custom furniture manufacturer in bordeaux

Van layout

Do you have a van or van that you would like to set up? Where would you like to benefit from our advantageous conditions to buy a new truck? Our team will be happy to accompany you in your campervan project.

Kitchen layout for studio

Studio layout

Do you have a studio or a small apartment that you would like to arrange? We provide you with all the necessary support for the development of your project, from the needs analysis phase, to the manufacturing of your custom-made furniture.

Manufacture of custom furniture and kitchen

Minimalist, modern and design custom furniture designer

Do you dream of a modern, design and minimalist layout for your studio, apartment or van? At


it is the same people who carry out your plan, the manufacture, the layout, the installation and the site monitoring. After the feasibility study and depending on the nature of the project to be carried out, one of our carpenters will come to your home to raise the ribs necessary to establish the plan and the final proposal before a production and installation at home.

What types of custom furniture can we make?

Our team of experienced carpenter manufacturers is able to make all your dreams come true. From the realization of a piece of furniture under slope or staircase, to the design of a library or a room divider, to a corner cabinet, dressing room, tv cabinet living room, office, staircase cabinet, kitchen, bathroom furniture and much more.

Furnagement and layout kitchen dressing sde bordeaux

Realization and manufacture of custom storage.

Custom sofa manufacturer

Design of a custom sofa with storage under seat.

Custom interior design for a studio

Manufacture of a small kitchen with low furniture and ladder shelf.

Custom interior design and layout

Frequently Asked Questions

How to furnish a studio or a small apartment?

It is important not to overload your space at the risk of creating a sense of confinement. Furnishing a studio or
a small space
requires an effective optimization of the slightest square meter. It will be necessary to favor retractable furniture, modular solutions, optimize storage, use all the height under ceiling, use unused spaces, favor light shades and targeted touches of colors and opt for a minimalist but modern decoration.

How to arrange a bathroom for a studio?

For an aesthetic and functional bathroom in a studio, it is important to optimize all the necessary space you have, favor the shower to the bathtub, adapt the equipment and provide enough storage.

How to set up a small kitchen?

Before embarking on the layout of your small kitchen, you will have to think about how it will be arranged, you will have to optimize each square meter and be as realistic as possible. It is also important to ask yourself the following questions:

  • Do I need a dishwasher?
  • Would a double fireplace plate be enough?
  • Do I need appliances at the expense of storage? Or vice versa.

It is important to use floor-to-ceiling space to optimize the entire space you have.

You can also opt for open shelves or dare an original and tailor-made layout.

Prefer a kitchen open to the living room to give volume to your space, you can nevertheless integrate a glass roof for a small kitchen half-opening, half-closed (choice).

There is also a bar area that serves as a separation between the living room and the kitchen.

It is also possible to provide supports to hang chairs on the walls or to provide interlocking furniture.

How to build a custom piece of furniture?

Before embarking on the design of your project, it is important to accurately identify your need. As you follow, make an accurate list of everything that needs to be stored in your furniture.

Take the measurements with a meter and a radius of the location of this piece of furniture and start making your pencil sketch, do not forget to take into account the skirting boards in your quotes.

Defining the aesthetics of a custom-made piece of furniture also means defining your budget. Indeed, the choice of materials will have a significant impact on the price of your custom furniture.

We can accompany you in your project from study to installation. Contact us!

How to arrange a small living room?

Depending on the size of your living room, it might be a good idea to choose folding and minimalist furniture and optimize all the space you have. For the choice of sofa, prefer a custom sofa with storage under seat with a trundle table that has the advantage of not taking up space once folded on itself.

To optimize small spaces, choose a custom-made piece of furniture. For example, if you have a wall under crawling, the choice of a custom-made wall bookcase may be wise. Optimize all the space you have, even above your radiators.