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Kitchen, dressing room and bathroom fittings in france

Our alternative housing models: Tiny Houses, Studios, Shelters, Garages

Tiny Houses

We design for you, or for your customers, small structures of less than 30 m² on trailer or on concrete slab.

Garden Studios

We make your plans to measure, or on the basis of elements communicated by you, for the design of your annex.

Furniture design

We also carry out the layout and design of your interior to measure: dressing rooms, kitchen, furniture, etc.


Car shelters

Park your vehicle under a carport that combines aesthetic design and energy production.

Furnish your interior with custom-made furniture

Whether you are in the middle of a "change of decoration" project, whether you are moving into a new home or just want to change your furniture to save space, what you want above all is to feel good at home! Yes, but there you have it... Often we find ourselves either...

Setting up a tiny house in France or Belgium: what does the law say?

As you surely already know, making the choice to live in a Tiny House is now legal in France and is governed by the ALUR law (law for Access to Housing and Renovated Urbanism), adopted on February 20, 2014. Before this law, there was a legal vacuum around alternative...

How to install a Pool House by the pool?

Is spring coming and you immerse yourself in the ideas of landscaping your exterior? A relaxation area with garden furniture and parasol: check. A vegetable garden to grow your own tomatoes and strawberries: check also. A swimming pool to refresh the whole family:...

Find out more about tiny houses: list of books, reports and series to discover

Whether one is looking for information to build your own tiny house, know the stages in building a mini house on wheels, find ideas for mini house plans or simply in search of inspiration and ideas there are lots of books, documentaries and series on the subject, and...

How to install a garden studio on your land?

Do you want to gain square meters without going through the structural work box? Optimize the available space in your garden and quickly enjoy a new additional room? Installing a garden studio is the ideal solution! Advantages, mandatory procedures, taxes, foundations...


Yes, living with one or more children in a Tiny House is possible! Some of them already do, so why not you?


Do you want to make your home self-sufficient and no longer be connected to the national electricity grid? Control your impact on the environment and consume your own electricity production?

How to install a Tiny House on a plot of land?

So in this article we list all our tips on where and how to install your little house on wheels without having any problems.


You want to build your Tiny House and you wonder how to manage the water supply? Is it possible to make it completely independent of the public network or on the contrary to allow it to be easily connected to it? Good news, everything is possible with this type...


More and more people are looking for a home away from the city and its named pollution and concrete acolytes in order to reconnect with nature for a weekend or a holiday. It is also a growing demand from city dwellers who, faced with the health crisis, wish to...