Tiny House kit, turnkey or made-to-measure

Fully modular and customisable, our Tiny Houses can be adapted to suit your every need. Our manufacturing concept combines technology and top-of-the-range materials to ensure the solidity and reliability of your micro-house.

The origin of the Tiny Houses

The concept of the Tiny House, literally “cute little house”, was born in the United States following the real estate crisis of 2008, allowing you to become a homeowner at a lower cost and take your little home anywhere.

Less polluting and more robust than motorhomes, this small house on wheels will develop strongly over the last 10 years thanks to the rise of a more ecological and anti-materialistic lifestyle.

Recognized for its qualities in terms of mobility, solidity and economy, the Tiny House is now aimed at a wider audience.
Fully customizable it is the ideal solution for different needs: minimalist housing, additional room, professional office, itinerant trade, camping accommodation offer, etc …

Tiny house in kit or turnkey

Our manufacturing process incorporating BIM and robotic technologies guarantees you zero construction errors on your project and fast delivery.

To facilitate the design of your future small house, we propose you a model of Tiny Houses (with and without mezzanine) to be personalized. The models presented below are therefore indicative and modular.

We invite you to contact us to elaborate together the modeling of your custom-made Tiny House, made in France !

Models of tiny houses in kit, Out of water / Out of air, turnkey or custom made

Access the information sheet of each tiny house model by clicking on the visual corresponding to your expectations!

Double mezzanine tiny house


Tiny House double mezzanine with a total weight of 3500 kg (maximum). Available turnkey, out of air / out of air, or as a self-construction kit.

Tiny house construction in a in self-build or turnkey kit


Tiny house Chalet with a glass front (with or without integrated terrace) with a total weight of 3,500 kg. Available turnkey, out of water /out of air or self-construction kit.

Tiny house 2 bedrooms

Tiny XXL

The Tiny XXL is a tiny house on semi trailer developed specifically for a couple of customers wishing to maintain the comfort of a traditional home!

Tiny work : mobile office

Tiny Work 600

The Tiny Work is a mobile office designed specifically for telecommuters or professionals who want additional space for their business.

Tiny house modern interior


Ideal for an extra room or friends, this tiny house has a floor area of 12.27 m² and a total weight of 2850 kg, Available in several finishes.

Tiny house 6 people


Tiny Sedentary House with two bedrooms and roof terrace accessible between mezzanines. Available turnkey, out of water / out of air, or as a self-construction kit.

Top of the range mobile mini restaurant


The Tiny snack 540 is a modern and design food truck trailer developed specifically for fast food professionals based on a Tinyhouse !

Tiny house hair salon


The Tiny cut 720 is an itinerant hair salon trailer developed specifically for hairdressing professionals on the basis of a Tinyhouse !

Tiny house roof terrace


Tiny Duo of 6.60 metres with mezzanine and terrace, with a total weight of 3,500 kg (maximum). Available turnkey, out of water / out of air, self-construction kit.

Tiny house modern interior


Ideal as an additional room for entertaining friends, family or teenagers. This room has a living area of 10.97m².

Tiny house modern interior


Bright Tiny house with mezzanine with a total weight of 3,500 kg (maximum). This model is offered turnkey, out of water / out of air or as a kit for self-builder.

Tiny house materials

Not only are all our Tiny houses designed with a kit of basic materials, which can be consulted in the drop-down lists below, but the interior and exterior of your tiny house are also fully customisable! Tell us what you want, and we’ll help you build a unique Tiny House that’s just like you.


Our team puts at your disposal 3 types of frames (steel, wood or brick panel) to meet all your requests.

Lightweight steel frame:

Frame in light galvanized steel Z350, in kit with assembly and assembly plan. Supply of the profiles to be assembled according to the plans, screws and fixing accessories supplied.

Why choose a steel structure for your tiny house ?
  1. Solid: The structure is designed to withstand wind loads, road jolts, weather or termite attacks.
  2. Lightweight: Reduced weight of the structure (compared to an equivalent wooden structure).
  3. Precision: Millimetric manufacturing of the structure of your Tiny House.
  4. Easy assembly of the structure: the profiles are numbered, cut to size and pre-drilled for easy and error-free assembly.
  5. Customization: We can customize the structure according to your wishes.

Wooden frame:

Spruce framing, minimum class 3, section 45×95 to 45×220, delivered in kit form or assembled according to your project and plans, screws and fixing accessories supplied.

Insulated brick panel:

This structural panel is composed of a PET foam core between 2 panels of 12mm poplar plywood. This lightweight and decorative frame panel saves time on the realization of the project.

Soils :

  • On dry and wet floors, our Tiny Houses are delivered with laminate parquet of the HARO brand.
  • Solid bamboo parquet or other optional essences.

Walls and partitions:

  • For exterior wall cladding, we offer cladding boards in Douglas fir or other wood species to suit your requirements (heat-treated poplar, maritime pine, burnt Douglas fir, etc).
  • To complete the exterior cladding, we incorporated a rain screen and 27×38 battens to create an air space;
  • The framing panels are insulated with hemp, cotton, flax from BioFib or recycled cotton with a minimum thickness of 100 mm;
  • For the interior panelling of the rooms, our team offers a range of materials: poplar plywood, maritime pine panelling (untreated or pre-painted) or poplar or chestnut panelling, complete with a vapour barrier and a 27mm air space.
  • All our joinery is made-to-measure aluminium, from France.

    Roofing :

    • The roof is made of steel (choice of colour: anthracite grey or red).


    • Single ladder in wood or steel or option custom-made staircase module with plenty of storage.


    • Supply of the hydraulic network to be crimped in multi-layer +.
    • Supply of a LUNOS e² court double flow ventilation system;
    • Supply of an electric or gas water heater (brand subject to availability).


    • Supply of rigid electrical wiring + earthing: 1.5 mm²; 2.5 mm²; 6 mm² 16 mm².
    • Supply of fitted electrical panel / 2 rows / Legrand (or similar).
    • Supply of Legrand brand electrical sockets, Céliane range (or similar);
    • Supply of Legrand switches, Céliane range (or similar);
    • Supply of LED lighting;
    • Supply of a 1 metre copper-coated earth spike for earthing;

    Tiny house auto construction

    You want to build your own Tiny House? Self-building your mini house is not an easy task, it is important to study this project and secure it!

    The professional team of Bimify, designer and manufacturer of Tiny Houses, is here to accompany you in this adventure. Sketch or computer file, whatever the medium on which you have drawn and imagined your plan, we work with you to develop together the 3D digital model (BIM) of your future tailor-made Tiny House.

    The layout is fully modular and customizable: you let us know your desires, we give you our advice, and we thus compose the complete kit for your self-construction adapted to your level of DIY (beginner, intermediate or expert).


    What are the cases uses of this type of habitat alternative?

    Nomadic, ecological and economical, the Tiny House is the ideal solution for individuals and professionals, in town or in the country!

    Mobile plant

    Create a small factory in your Tiny House! As close as possible to local producers, elaborate directly on site in your mobile factory, fresh cooked products of quality. You will thus participate in the valorisation of the products of your terroir and in the development of short and local circuits.

    Mobile restaurant

    Set up your own restaurant in a Tiny Cook! Design a tailor-made place to share the products of the earth, open to nature with a beautiful and welcoming outdoor terrace.

    Mobile commerce

    Revive the campaigns by distributing all everyday products in a mobile grocery store. This will answer the problem of desertification city centres while creating a link with the local population.

    Mobile bakery

    Travel through the surrounding countryside with your mobile bakery. The meeting of the villages which will become a real moment of sharing and of pleasure around a good fresh bread.

    Cyber mobile café

    Offer a place of mobile internet connection to elderly or isolated people. The ideal meeting point to recreate social ties, help with administrative procedures and training in new technologies.

    Student accommodation

    Rent a Tiny Study, a light and ecological student accommodation! A solution to the student housing shortage. A Tiny House to rent also in summer as a tourist rental!

    Atypical rental

    Present your Tiny Dream in unusual accommodation for all occasions: Valentine’s Day, wedding anniversary, New Year’s Eve, fireworks, surprise weekend or family holidays. Your hosts will even be able to have their accommodation at the place of their choice to make their stay truly unique.

    Medical practice

    A Tiny Care: a nomadic medical practice connected to nature! Fight against medical deserts by receiving patients in your mobile practice. A solution for doctors that will allow the setting up of duty stations in different different areas throughout the week.

    Mobile garage

    Organize your small mobile garage to offer maintenance and repair of vehicles. Set appointment points in advance in connection with the municipalities or go directly to your customers!

    Mobile gallery

    Notice to artists, booksellers, second-hand dealers, exhibitors, etc.! Create your own workshop and/or custom shop in a Tiny House. A mobile gallery to be moved according to your desires for share your passion !

    Mobile office

    Move your mobile workplace according to your needs or job sites. A mobility that will become your major asset to be closer to your customers.

    Mobile Disco

    Design your Tiny Music according to your activity and meet a new public. Musician, party entertainer, sound and light equipment hire, music seller, etc… Create it perfect harmony between passion and nature !

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What is the legislation on lightweight habitats?

    law of February 2014 specifies the status of alternative housing. Article
    L 121-1 of the Urban Planning Code has therefore
    been amended by this law to determine the characteristics of mobile or removable housing and their site. Thus, since the implementation of the ALUR law,a private individual wishing to install an alternative housing on a building plot or not must :

    • Justify a development permit or a
      prior declaration
      (unless the floor exceeds 20m2: you will then need a building permit).
    • Have a land meeting the same requirements as those imposed on conventional housing: public distribution networks of water and electricity and network of sanitation..
    • Must be located in a buildable zone, whose capacity is limited and defined by the local urban plan.
    • The dwelling must also be dismountable or movable, as well as all outdoor facilities and equipment.
    • Be subject to an impact study environmental if you do not connect it to the public network (e.g. mobile septic tank or dry toilet).
    • Be occupied as primary habitat, so at a minimum 8 months per year.
    • Do not have a foundation and be autonomous.

    What are the regulations for a tiny house?

    A “mobile home” is an inhabitable land vehicle that is permanently technically capable of moving independently or being moved by traction, and which is not prohibited from circulation by the highway code (a mobile home, a caravan, a tiny house on wheels).

    This type of housing is not subject to local taxes or housing tax.

    However, if you use it as your principal residence, you will have to pay an annual tax of 150 euros (or 100 euros if it is more than 10 years old, and except in the case of exemption).

    A “light leisure accommodation” corresponds to a mobile home (which is an exceptional convoy on the road), a chalet or a tree house. For this type of dwelling, you only have to pay property tax if the dwelling is set on a concrete base and is not normally intended to be moved. This type of dwelling also remains subject to the housing tax.