Constructeur de tiny house en France

Créateur de Mini-Maisons éco-responsables et françaises

Tiny house builder, who are we?

Bimify is a specialist manufacturer of modular construction in lightweight steel, wood and insulated brick panels, with a passion for the concept of the small, nomadic and ecological house.

Designer and manufacturer, at Bimify the same people model, manufacture and assemble your future micro-house.

A unique and practical know-how that allows us to accompany you efficiently in your project in order to elaborate a real reduced but optimized living space!

Based in Bordeaux, in the Gironde (33), we intervene everywhere in France and in Europe for the realization of your project.

Constructeur de tiny house à bordeaux, france
Tiny house intérieur

Votre Tiny house sur-mesure, fabriquée en France

Que vous soyez particulier ou professionnel, l’équipe Bimify concevra pour vous une Tiny House unique, entièrement configurée selon vos besoins.

Vous rêvez de liberté et de mobilité ? Vous souhaitez vous engager dans un mode de vie minimaliste, écologique et décroissant ?

Vous désirez une pièce indépendante pour recevoir des amis, offrir un studio à vos enfants ou y installer votre bureau ?

Ou bien vous êtes à la recherche d’un hébergement insolite et nomade pour du camping ?

Le concept des Tiny Houses de Bimify répondra à toutes vos envies.

Entièrement modulables et personnalisables, nos mini-maisons sont conçues sur-mesure !

  • Avec ou sans remorque, pour s’adapter à votre terrain et vos envies
  • En kit autoconstruction ou bien montées en atelier selon votre projet de travaux
  • Ajustée sur-mesure selon vos désirs, à partir de nos modèles ou de vos inspirations

Tiny house models: steel frame, wood or insulated brick panels

La structure de nos modèles de TinyHouse est en acier galvanisé. 100% recyclable, résistant et disposent d’une superficie de 10 à 30 m² avec tout le confort nécessaire.

Double mezzanine tiny house

Tiny Cosy 660

This modern model has a double mezzanine and can accommodate 4 to 6 people.

Tiny house modern interior

Tiny sun 600

This mini house has a mezzanine to accommodate from 2 to 4 people. Perfect for reconnecting with nature.

Tiny house construction in a in self-build or turnkey kit

Tiny chalet 660

This A-frame tinyhouse has a mezzanine and can accommodate 2 to 4 people.

Tiny house roof terrace for 2 people

Tiny Duo 540

This mini house has an accessible roof terrace and a mezzanine to accommodate 2 people.

Tiny house modern interior

Tiny luna 600

The Tiny Luna has a bedroom and a bathroom with integrated toilet. This annex is ideal for entertaining friends, family or to serve as an extra room.

Tiny house xxl on semi trailer

Tiny XXL

The Tiny XXL is a tiny house on semi trailer of 13.5 meters long with 2 bedrooms, a mezzanine, a custom kitchen and plenty of storage.

Tiny house roof terrace

Tiny duo 660

This tiny house with integrated roof terrace and mezzanine can accommodate 2 to 4 people.

Micro house for guest room

Tiny noche 540

Micro house without kitchen or bathroom for an extra room to receive friends or family, or for the creation of a teenager’s bedroom.

Tiny house 6 people

Tiny castle 840

This micro house has 2 mezzanines and a roof terrace to accommodate 4 to 6 people.

Professional tiny houses

Tiny house 6 people

Tiny snack 540

Do you have a food truck project? We have designed a high-end trailer for you for a high-end project!

Tiny house 6 people

Tiny cut 720

Are you a hairdressing professional? We have developed this mobile hair salon trailer specifically for your business!

Tiny house construction in a in self-build or turnkey kit

Tiny work 600

Tiny Work is a tinyhouse developed specifically for professionals who want to have a mobile workspace in their garden.

Our garden studios in kit

With a constant demand from our customers, we have recently developed modern and design garden studios based on the concept of the tiny house. We are pleased to offer you this first model in different levels of finishes: kit, out of water, out of air or turnkey.

Habitable garden cottage

Tiny cube / 10m2

This studio or garden chalet has a bathroom and a main room with a total living area of 10m2. Ideal for a guest or teenager room.

Garden studio in high-end kit

Tiny Garden / 30m2

This garden studio in kit, modern and design, has a living area of 30m ², a master suite and a magnificent custom kitchen.

Garden studio in high-end kit

Tiny Atome / 34m2

This contemporary yurt has been developed on the basis of the Mongolian concept and updated so that it can be integrated into any environment.

Garden studio in high-end kit

Tiny A / 50m2

This mini triangle house in A of less than 50m2 is unique in its kind because of its structure in light steel galvanized cold and has a large room of 16.54m2.

Tailor-made interior design service

As a carpenter’s workshop, we also offer our services in interior design and layout. Our team of professionals designs and manufactures custom-made furniture for small spaces for the interior design of your Van and Studio.

Tailor-made interior fittings for van


Design of made-to-measure furniture for the interior of your Van, Vans, Trucks or Commercial Vehicles.

Customised interior design of studios and flats

Studio & Apartment

According to your specifications, we design, manufacture and fit out your custom-made studio.

Construction of your custom-made tiny house, on plan or in self-construction

Custom-made tiny house


To carry out your project, our design office composed of BIM specialists delivers a 3D digital model created to measure according to your needs for your future small house on trailer.

Tiny house on plan


Off-plan projects are more economical and quick to set up. With Bimify you personalize your Tiny House by choosing the configuration items according to your desires and your budget.

Self-build mini house


Is building your own TinyHouse your dream? We deliver the complete kit and its plans (electrical and water plans not included). Self-construction kits adapted for all types of profiles, from beginner to intermediate.

Tiny house metal frame manufacturer

What are the steps involved in making your custom-made Tiny House?

Our Tiny Houses are designed from 3D digital models.
This technology allows an identical reproduction of the original plans with millimetre precision.


  • Plan, 3D modeling, engineering.
  • Definition of your needs and expectations, specifications, accompaniment, virtual or real visits, definition of the installation/adaptation site.


  • Custom-made profiling, spare parts.
  • Visits, meetings, French manufacturing, tuning.

Purchase options

  • Financing.
  • Technical support.
  • Delivery in spare parts, in pre-assembled panels, structure on frame or turnkey according to your desires and your budget.

Diversify your wealth by investing in Tiny Houses

Do you have a garden, an ideally situated location, a plot of land that is not suitable for building or leisure activities? Invest in our tiny houses without further delay and get a return on investment in less than 7 years.


Availability of your property within 3 months of signing the order form according to the delivery times of the trailers (for the metal frame).


A return on investment 3 times faster than any property available on the market.


Your Made In France product delivered turnkey with quality and ecological materials.


Easily move your mobile accommodation to a more profitable area with its towing system.

Invest in a tiny house for rental

Renting an alternative habitat in Airbnb, an original and profitable offer!

Surf on the success of seasonal rental platforms such as AirBnB, Abritel or Booking, by offering you too an atypical stay in Tiny House!

Family holidays, romantic weekend getaways, business trips, etc… this unusual type of accommodation, much sought-after on the booking sites, offers all the necessary comfortand allows you to rent a complete and independent accommodation.

Depending on the region, the average price of an overnight stay for this kind of original habitat varies from 70€ to 150€. A full time rental of Tiny House can thus represent more than 20 000€/year.

A small nomadic house that will offer a new tourist experience to your guests and allow you toquickly increase your income !

For who? Why?


These mini houses on trailer of less than 30 m² are customizable and mobile at will, thus facilitating their displacement from one site to another, or from one campsite to another.


This investment product has one of the strongest profitability indexes on the market, i.e. nearly 14% gross yield per year for a rental of €500 HC/Month. Contact us for a personalized study.

Private individual

Do you want to get a new lease of life? Or simply want to make your garden profitable by investing in a Tiny House? These little houses will make you crack. Don’t wait any longer and contact us!


Communities and associations, our construction solutions can help you cope with the lack of social and emergency accommodation due to their low cost, speed and simplicity of installation.

Do you have your plans? How to proceed?

If you have already designed your plans, we do the 3D modeling and engineering for the production.

  • Analysis of the plans provided
  • 3D modeling of plans
  • Calculation of the loads and constraints to be respected
  • Production of the structure according to the original plans provided

You don’t have a plan but ideas?

Our consultants will assist you in the development of your plans in order to obtain their 3D modeling for production.

  • Development of your plans
  • 3D modeling of plans
  • Calculation of the loads and constraints to be respected
  • Production of the structure according to the model plan

Contact us!

Our team is at your disposal from Monday to Friday from 09:00 to 18:00.

You can come and meet us by appointment on Monday or Saturday at 55 Allée des chênes verts 33480 Sainte-Hélène, France.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the origin of the materials used by Tiny House Bimify?

We select materials of French origin as a priority. If we cannot find a product made in France, we select products made in Europe, for example the Vlemmix trailers (originating from the Netherlands) or the 1.7 W mini wood stove (originating from the UK). Of course, if you want a Tiny house 100% Made in France, we will offer you alternative products made in France.

What is the delivery time for a Tiny House?

The delivery time depends on the desired finishes and the deadlines of our suppliers (trailer, joinery, wood, etc…), it can vary from 2 to 8 months maximum. As soon as we receive the materials, the manufacturing time for a self-built Tiny house kit is 3 weeks, 1 month for an Out of Water/Out of Air and 2 months for a turnkey Tiny House.

Is there a housing tax to pay with a Tiny House?

The Tiny House is an alternative form of housing regulated by the ALUR law (in France). Recognised as a “mobile home”, it is not subject to local taxes or council tax. However, if your Tiny House is declared as fixed (installed more than 3 months on the land), then you will be concerned by these taxes and housing taxes according to your personal situation.

How to make a tiny house fixed?

Your Tiny House is recognised as fixed when it is installed for more than 3 months on the same site. It is then compulsory to make a Preliminary Declaration of Works (PD).

Where can we install a Tiny House?

  • You can park your Tiny House for less than 3 months on a non-buildable plot of land in the pastille zone or on a buildable plot.
  • You can also install your tiny house on a plot of land that can be built on for more than 3 months if you (or your builder) take the necessary steps with the town planning authorities by making a prior declaration of works.

Can we remove the Tiny House from its trailer?

  • In theory this is possible because we install clamps around the entire periphery of the floor to hold the entire structure to the trailer.
  • In theory this is possible because we install clamps around the entire periphery of the floor to hold the entire structure to the trailer. This allows the entire tiny house to be installed on a platform to make it completely removable and independent of the trailer. This solution is on average 65% more expensive than a standard Vlemmix trailer.

Do I need a specific permit to tow a tiny house?

To tow a Tiny house, it is necessary to have a BE licence (in France) and the GVW must not exceed 7000 kg (towing vehicle + tiny house).

What vehicle do you need to tow a Tiny House?

  • Here is a non-exhaustive list of vehicles that can tow a tiny house:
    • Ford Ranger simple cabine 4×4 / 2,2 Duratorq TDCI 160 ch;
    • Ford Ranger SuperCab 4×4 from 2.2 Duratorq TDCI 160 hp;
    • Ford Ranger Double Cab 4×4 from 2.2 Duratorq TDCI 160 hp;
    • Land Rover Discovery D250 ou D300;
    • Land Rover Range Rover / 3,0 l TDV6 HSE;
    • Nissan Navara King-Cab;
    • Nissan Pathfinder / 3,0 dCi LE Aut.;
    • Volkswagen Amarok;
    • Mitsubishi L200;
    • Mitsubishi Pajero / 3.2 DI–D Professional Plus;
    • Toyota Land Cruiser V8 / 4,5 D

What is the difference between a Tiny House and a caravan or mobile home?

The materials used and the finishes for a tiny house are closer to a traditional house than to other nomadic habitats: insulation, sanitary installations, kitchen, sleeping accommodation, etc. The walls of a Tiny vary from 170 mm to 250 mm thick while those of a caravan and/or mobile home vary between 20 mm and 45 mm.

Can you make your Tiny House 100% self-sufficient in water and electricity?

It is possible to make a tinyhouse self-sufficient in electricity. On the other hand, the layout to make it water self-sufficient is more restrictive in terms of weight and space, unless the small house is intended to be sedentary.

How does the sewage disposal system work in a Tiny House?

There are several solutions for wastewater. The most common is a connection to a septic tank or a sewage system. However, other more ecological systems exist, such as a phytodepuration system.

Do we have to put a dry toilet in a Tiny House?

No, this is not an obligation but rather an ecological choice. Indeed, dry toilets allow you to save more than 30% on your annual water consumption.

Where is the Tiny House Bimify workshop located?

You can visit us at 55 Allée des chênes verts 33480 Sainte-Hélène, France. Our team welcomes you from Monday to Friday from 8am to 6pm.