Tiny House Made in France

Bimify is manufacturer of custom-made Tiny House, in kit or turnkey.

Individuals and professionals, you dream of mobility or wish to invest in this booming concept?

Nomadic, economical and ecological, our Tiny Houses have a 100 year resistant galvanized steel structure and are 100% recyclable!

Who are we?

B imify is a design office specializing in modular steel construction, passionate about the concept of the small nomadic and ecological house.

Our team has more than 30 years old in the creative construction of small spaces. Designer and manufacturer at Bimify these are the same people who model, build and assemble your future. micro-home.

A unique and practical know-how that allows us to accompany you efficiently in your project in order to elaborate a real reduced but optimized living space!

Based in Bordeaux, in the Gironde (33), we intervene everywhere in France and in Europe for the realization of your project.

Tiny House Bimify

The Bimify® Concept

Our industrial manufacturing process, established in France, enables us to design any type of construction such as a Tiny House, a carport, a garage, a villa or even a building, thanks to the reliability of the processes, the solidity of the materials used and the speed of delivery.

Bimify uses the TITAN construction process developed in Japan 40 years ago. Allowing a dry construction (little waste on the building site), earthquake-proof, paracyclonic and fireproof, this process is also insensitive to fungi, termites and other insects.

Maintenance-free, the galvanized steel used is 100% recyclable and offers a structure that is 6 times lighter than concrete and requires few foundations.

30% cheaper than traditional and 3 times faster to build, galvanized steel complies with EUROCODES 3 and 8, DTU 32.3 of the CSTB as well as CE, BBC and RTA DOM standards. Compatible with all architectural styles, this construction process can be adapted from the ground floor to ground floor+8.

The French manufacture of our modular structures integrates BIM and robotic technologies. Automated production, based on digital BIM mock-ups, guarantees zero construction errors on your work and fast delivery. Indeed, with this process Bimify can produce one house per day.

Your custom-made Tiny House,

made in France!

Tiny House made in France

Whether you are a private individual or a professional, the Bimify team will design a unique Tiny House for you, fully configured according to your needs.

Do you dream of freedom and mobility? You wish to commit yourself to a minimalist lifestyle…ecological and diminishing?

You want a dependent part to entertain friends, offer a studio to your children or set up your office?

Or are you looking for an unusual and nomadic accommodation for camping?

Bimify’s Tiny House concept in steel meets all your desires.

Entirely modular and customizable, our Tiny Houses ensure you a solid structure in galvanized steel, 100 years resistant and 100% recyclable, designed according to the TITAN construction process.

Your tailor-made alternative home
  • A Tiny House that weighs much less than a wooden or concrete structure. Ideal to limit the foundations if you wish to install it in a lodge and facilitate its towing.
  • Delivered on plan or in kit to be assembled, with specialized and approved trailer, you choose all the necessary comfort in your micro-house among the configuration elements at your disposal: layout, choice of colours, type of stairs,…
  • Your choices thus complement the quality materials selected by our team (insulation, roofing, carpentry, plumbing, electricity) and this small house becomes unique and full of tricks. A reduced living space but completely optimized and personalized!
Tiny House made to measure



To carry out your project, our design office made up of BIM specialists will provide you with a 3D digital model created according to your needs for your future small house on a trailer.

Tiny House on plan

On plan


Projects on map are cheaper and quicker to implement. With Bimify you personalize your Tiny House by choosing the configuration items according to your desires and your budget.

self-construction tiny house



Building your own Tiny House is your dream ? We deliver you the complete kit and its plans. 3 self-build kits adapted to your level are available (experienced DIYer, intermediate or beginner).

Tiny house metal frame

Tiny Housemodels in galvanized steel

Our Tiny House models are made of 100% recyclable galvanized steel, 100 yearsresistant and have a surface area of 10 to 30 m² with all the necessary comfort.

Solar garden shelter in kit

Car shelter with solar panels

A structure for housing a car and for installing photovoltaic panels that can be used as an electrical power supply.

Garden Studio

Without a building permit, these lodges or studios All-weather can be connected to the main dwelling to blend in with the environment.

Tiny House self-build kit to assemble yourself

Tiny House to customize

You can live there all year round whatever the climate or use it as a tourist seasonal rental.

Garage in kit form

Galvanized steel garage

Build your own custom-made garage that can accommodate 1 or 2 vehicles at a lower cost and without applying for a building permit.

What are the steps involved in making your custom-made Tiny House?

Our Tiny Houses are designed from 3D digital models.
This technology allows an identical reproduction of the original plans with millimetre precision.


  • Plan, 3D modeling, engineering.
  • Definition of your needs and expectations, specifications, accompaniment, virtual or real visits, definition of the installation/adaptation site.


  • Custom-made profiling, spare parts.
  • Visits, meetings, French manufacturing, tuning.

Purchase options

  • Financing.
  • Technical support.
  • Delivery in spare parts, in pre-assembled panels, structure on frame or turnkey according to your desires and your budget.

Diversify your wealth by investing in Tiny Houses

Do you have a garden, an ideally situated location, a plot of land that is not suitable for building or leisure activities? Invest in our Tiny Houses now and get a return on investment in less than 7 years.


Availability of your property in less than 3 months from the signature of the order form according to the delivery times of the trailers.


A return on investment 3 times faster than any other property available on the market.


Your Made In France product delivered turnkey with quality and ecological materials.


Easily move your mobile hosting to a more profitable sector thanks to its towing system.

Invest in a tiny house airbnb rental

Renting an alternative habitat in Airbnb, an original and profitable offer!

Surf on the success of seasonal rental platforms such as AirBnB, Abritel or Booking, by offering you too an atypical stay in Tiny House!

Family holidays, romantic weekend getaways, business trips, etc… this unusual type of accommodation, much sought-after on the booking sites, offers all the necessary comfortand allows you to rent a complete and independent accommodation.

Depending on the region, the average price of an overnight stay for this kind of original habitat varies from 70€ to 150€. A full time rental of Tiny House can thus represent more than 20 000€/year.

A small nomadic house that will offer a new tourist experience to your guests and allow you toquickly increase your income !

interior layout tiny house
Manufacture tiny house france bordeaux gironde
Manufacturer Tiny House France

For who? Why?


These small houses on trailers of less than 30 m² are customizable and mobile at will, making them easy to move from one pitch to another, or from one campsite to another.


This investment product has one of the strongest profitability indexes on the market, i.e. nearly 14% gross yield per year for a rental of €500 HC/Month. Contact us for a personalized study.

Private individual

Do you want to get a new lease of life? Or simply want to make your garden profitable by investing in a Tiny House? These little houses will make you crack. Don’t wait any longer and contact us!


Communities and associations, our construction solutions can help you cope with the lack of social and emergency accommodation due to their low cost, speed and simplicity of installation.

Do you have your plans? How to proceed?

If you have already designed your plans, we do the 3D modeling and engineering for the production.

  • Analysis of the plans provided
  • 3D modeling of plans
  • Engineering of loads and constraints to be respected
  • Production of the structure according to the original plans provided

You don’t have a plan but ideas?

Our consultants will assist you in the development of your plans in order to obtain their 3D modeling for production.

  • Developing your plans
  • 3D modeling of plans
  • Engineering of loads and constraints to be respected
  • Production of the structure according to the modelled plan

Contact us!

Our team is at your disposal from Monday to Friday from 09:00 to 18:00 by phone at +33 5 47 74 96 11.

You can come and meet us by appointment on Monday or Saturday at Espace Montaigne, 141 Avenue Montaigne, 33160 Saint Médard En Jalles, France or contact us at mail form .

Do you have a plan?

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