Is spring coming and you immerse yourself in the ideas of landscaping your exterior? A relaxation area with garden furniture and parasol: check. A vegetable garden to grow your own tomatoes and strawberries: check also.

A swimming pool to refresh the whole family: again check. All that is missing is the Pool House stage to store the pool equipment. And why not arrange it so that it becomes a new additional living room ?

Summer kitchen, SPA with hammam / sauna or jacuzzi, Cloakroom with bathroom and toilet, etc … The pool enclosure is not obliged to confine itself to its status as a simple technical room. It can be much more than a storage place to store buoys, fries and sunbathing!

The different types of facilities for a Pool House

Your future Pool House can of course only be utilitarian and only serve as a technical room for your pool to store equipment and games. In this case, you can start on the installation of a small wooden chalet quite classic or on a much more design element such as a block with hidden storage and why not integrate an outdoor shower!

Amenagement pool house
How to install a Pool House by the pool?

Your Pool House can also be a room open to the outside to create a shaded space on your land. A room that will allow you to easily shelter from the sun or drops and take a good nap (children or you ^^) near the pool.

Pool house design and modern
How to install a Pool House by the pool?

This new space on your land can also be modular by installing, for example, louvers or accordion bay windows to open your Pool House according to your desires, the whims of the sky or to hide from your eyes …

Pool house modular pool
How to install a Pool House by the pool?

You can also transform your pool enclosure into a summer kitchen by setting up a sink and custom-made furniture to prepare good small meals and tasty barbecues. Install tables and chairs to receive your guests in the summer under this shaded space during the day, in the evening by installing mosquito nets, and even all year round if you want to add a heater or a stove !

Pool house kitchen summer
How to install a Pool House by the pool?

Is your land uneven? Don’t panic, you can turn it to your advantage by playing on the wahoo effect: a troglodyte pool house ! Use the particularity of your land to create an underground shelter, which remains cool all summer with a small effect Welcome to the Hobbits!

Troglodyte pool house
How to install a Pool House by the pool?

And why not use your Pool House as a small extra house ? A mini-house where on one side you install the technical room of your swimming pool and on the other you arrange it with all the necessary comfort to accommodate your guests and even put it in tourist rental. A good solution to make this space profitable and use it all year round!

Triangle house france
How to install a Pool House by the pool?

With Bimify, you can design your pool enclosure project completely tailor-made. For example, by usingaluminium for a more contemporary spirit; with a flat or vegetated roof ; one mezzanine inside; one single or double slope roof ; a Pool House in L, square, small, large, … Everything is modular! Our constructions are tailor-made according to your desires in our workshop in Gironde. So treat yourself with a project that suits you!

Materials to use for a Pool House

How to install a Pool House by the pool?

As with any construction, the choice of materials for a pool enclosure is not to be neglected so that it is durable and comfortable. For the terrace around your pool, we advise you to select moisture-resistant and anti-slip materials to limit the risk of slipping!

Also pay attention to the colors! Do not forget, that exposed to the sun, the colors too light dazzle and that the too dark ones burn the little bare feet ^^

Which materials are to be preferred for your Pool House?

How to make a wooden deck not slippery around the pool?

Contrary to popular belief, wood is naturally non-slip, provided it is well maintained! So you can use it to make a beautiful wooden deck around your pool.

Be careful, however, not to neglect its maintenance: it is by leaving it too long without maintenance that microalgae will form a greasy film, which will prevent the water from being absorbed and will increase, in fact, the number of micro-algae and the terrace will thus become more and more slippery.

To maintain the wood of your terrace is very simple! 1 to 2 times a year, brush it with soapy water such as Savon de Marseille. Do not do it with a high-pressure cleaning! This would only damage your wood and accentuate its greyness.

And for more safety, you can also apply an anti-slip coating to your wood. There are also non-slip wooden decking blades.

Which non-slip materials to choose for floors, other than wood?

You can also use tiles, stone or composite for the floors of your pool house and the terrace of your pool.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of exotic wood?

The main assets of exotic wood are its strength and aesthetics. Warm and elegant, exotic wood ensures a weatherproof terrace. However, due to its density, exotic wood is more difficult to work with. It is therefore more expensive to buy. Finally, although there are labels such as PEFC or FSC guaranteeing exotic woods from sustainably managed forests, its carbon footprint, especially due to its import, is much larger than French or European wood.

Do you have a Pool House project? Bimify offers you different finishes: in kit to assemble yourself, out of water / out of air, ready to finish or turnkey. Do not hesitate to contact our team to discuss your tailor-made project by clicking here !

We also invite you to consult the article How to install a garden studio on its land to know everything about the foundations to be provided for your pool house, the administrative procedures to be carried out upstream as well as the taxes applied.