Whether you are in the middle of a “change of decoration” project, whether you are moving into a new home or just want to change your furniture to save space, what you want above all is to feel good at home!

Yes, but there you have it… Often we find ourselves either lost in the aisles of a specialized department store to buy a piece of furniture (or downright the entire kitchen …) that will do the job, certainly, but that we will not be able to see in painting soon or whose Finishes leave frankly to be desired and will not resist the passing of time (ouh the door that remains in the hands … yes it’s ^^ experience).

Either we try to hunt for hours a piece of furniture on leboncoin that is as close as possible to what you have in mind but not really in fact; or either we pass a small express order on Amazon and company (sacrilege!) crossing your fingers that the quality is not too bad and closing your eyes to its carbon footprint…

And if in addition you are like us and the slightest element that does not find its place horrifies you to the highest point,it is the pompom!

A book too big that can not be stored in the library vertically, a dress too long that hangs on the floor in the closet, this magnificent decorative object which, the poor, is totally invisible in this piece of furniture, door handles simply too ugly, this console too wide or on the contrary not deep enough, …

In short, we are rarely fully satisfied! Be careful, no misunderstanding, it is not us who are too demanding, we just like perfection it is different and there is no harm in it ^^

But my little finger tells me that you would be more soothed with a custom-made piece of furniture that perfectly matches your needs and your taste.

Imagine: the ideal dressing room created especially for your clothes, an ultra-functional custom kitchen that corresponds exactly to your way of storing and cooking where each pot, each pan, each element has its place even your food processor or raclette appliance, nothing is troublesome everything is optimized …

Ah the dream…

Well, good news! This fullness is possible by integrating custom-made furniture into your apartment or house! Because yes, ladies and gentlemen, as a proverb might say: “It is not the housing that must adapt to the furniture but the furnishings that must adapt to the habitat.”

And that’s good, at Bimify,it’s clearly our dada: to use our know-how to create with you the custom-made furniture of your dreams!

Go follow us, we explain in this article everything you need to know to design your custom furniture project!


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Furnish your interior with custom-made furniture

Before even talking about the originality and quality of a custom-made piece of furniture, its first advantage is to be able to make the entire surface of your home profitable. Every space can be optimized!

Whether you have a rather classic dwelling or an atypical dwelling such as a sloping apartment, an architect’s house, a loft, a large house or on the contrary a small studio, you can install custom-made furniture in all rooms (even the ^^ toilets) and therefore gain m² with optimized storage spaces.

You can arrange all the corners of your house: the sub-slopes, the corridor, the staircase and even add an additional room with the creation of a mezzanine for example! With this totally optimized living area,integrated into your home, your interior decoration is therefore much more harmonious and the living space freed up.

Always to make the volumes of your home as profitable as possible,do not forget that a custom-made piece of furniture is by definition functional and can therefore have several uses: a library can be transformed into an office space or act as a room divider.

Another strong point of a custom-made piece of furniture is its quality.

Forget the standards of specialized stores that have an economic model based essentially on prices and that necessarily reduce the quality and durability of their products.

A custom-made piece of furniture Made in France is in no way comparable. We are not in the same logic of economy and manufacturing.

10 reasons to buy a custom-made piece of furniture

  1. Materials selected for their quality: solid wood, laminate or poplar plywood.
  2. The French origin of materials from sustainably managed forests.
  3. High-end Blumhardware.
  4. Neat finishes brought by our team of carpenters.
  5. A work carried out entirely by hand, without automation of manufacturing.
  6. An increased requirement at each stage of manufacture of custom-made furniture.
  7. A unique piece of furniture that is fully customizable.
  8. A furniture warranty ranging from 2 to 10 years.
  9. Advice from our experts, flexibility and great responsiveness.
  10. A sustainable investment for the value of your home.

Just as you can certainly already do for your food, having a custom-made piece of furniture made is having a more responsible, committed and local consumption. It’s all well and good to eat local fruits and vegetables but if you buy a piece of furniture made on the other side of the world it no longer makes sense, let it be said ^^.

Another good reason to buy a custom-made piece of furniture is of course for its originality!

Stand out from the standard furniture of specialized stores that can be found in any interior, display your own style in a unique decoration,it is possible by customizing as you wish your dressing room, your bookcase, your table and even your custom kitchen!

At Bimify,we start from the blank page and we give free rein to your imagination: choice of materials, colors, dimensions, design … everything is modular! Your furniture will be a real tailor-made creation! And you will also enjoy this sweet pleasure of having a piece of furniture of noble material, quality where the veining and each knot of the wood used are unique!


Custom furniture design
Furnish your interior with custom-made furniture

Let your imagination overflow and put yourself in the shoes of the greatest furniture designers for a moment: creation has no limits!

Of course, then will come the time of the feasibility of the project, the laws of gravity and the budget but we are not there yet. To start, list and/or draw the furniture of your dreams!

To help you, we have drawn up a list of questions to design your future custom-made furniture:

  • Which custom-made piece of furniture do you want? What function(s) will it have?
  • How do you see it? What kind of decoration do you like? Do not hesitate to look for inspirations in decomagazines, on Pinterest, Houzz, Lilm or Instagram!
  • What elements should be stored there? Will they have to be hidden or on the contrary do you want to expose them?
  • What is their number, their dimensions, their weight? For example, the number of books for a library or the number of utensils for a kitchen.
  • Will these objects have to be easily accessible?
  • Will there be cables to hide in the cabinet? As for a tailor-made TV stand for example.
  • What brightness do you want? Will the custom-made furniture have to incorporate luminaires? If so, which ones: spots, leds, etc…?
  • What type of doors: sliding or hinged? Which opening system: door knobs, handles or a press opening system?
  • What accessory elements do you want to integrate into your custom-made furniture? For example drawers, rods, sliding trays, etc.
  • What shape for the legs of the furniture do you want? Their dimensions, their material?
  • What are the measurements of your furniture? Do not forget to take into account complaints, switches, etc …
  • What material(s) would you like for your custom-made furniture? What color(s)? Matte or glossy? By going through Bimify you will benefit from a very wide range of colors to create the custom-made furniture to your liking! The materials and colors are almost infinite 😉

There will also come the time foran exchange with our Bimify experts to discuss your custom-made furniture project and its feasibility; perhaps elements will have to be reviewed for the final project but always designed as close as possible to your desire.

Then you will receive its 3D design and the manufacturing process will be launched!


Custom library design in bordeaux, france
Furnish your interior with custom-made furniture

As you have understood, by buying a custom-made piece of furniture it is its quality, originality, solidity and know-how that you pay.

It is to make the choice to invest so that the furniture is like no other and lasts several years. That it can be passed on to your children or that it becomes an asset for the value of your home! Tailor-made dressing room, built-in cupboards, equipped kitchen, so many arguments that are put forward on real estate ads and that attract potential buyers!

How much does a custom-made piece of furniture cost? As the price varies according to materials, hardware and accessories (drawers, doors, etc.), it is not possible to establish a fixed price.

But here are some examples of basic rates that we offer at Bimify:

Tailor-made kitchenfrom 2500 €
Custom-made dining room tablefrom 1200 €
Tailor-made TV standfrom 700 €
Tailor-made dressing roomfrom 1400 € / linear meter
Custom library from 1150 € / linear meter

Now that you know everything about the manufacture of a custom-made piece of furniture, do not hesitate to contact our team to design together your future furniture! Contact us here!

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