Adopted for its aesthetic aspect and its technical performance by architects and designers, steel is a material that can be used for all types of structures: warehouses, commercial offices, stadiums, schools, … but also individual houses and modular housing!

In this article we detail 4 good reasons to choose steel for your future construction.

Respect for the environment

Respect for the environment

Allowing a dry construction (little waste on the building site), steel is indefinitely 100% recyclable and without any alteration of its qualities!

The most recycled material in the world for more than a century (the first recycled steels appeared in 1856 with the MARTIN-SIEMENS process), steel contributes to the preservation of resources.

Indeed, the steel industry has been committed for several years to 100% responsible construction: from the extraction of raw materials to the deconstruction of structures.

This is unlike other materials such as concrete (which can only be recycled once) or wood, which is very often impregnated with glue, varnish and/or paint, allowing only recycling in the form of particle panels, which again can only be held with glues…

In addition, the high degree of prefabrication for steel construction means that on-site operations are reduced, as is the production of waste. All this while optimizing deliveries and deadlines: 30 to 70% less than in traditional construction. Not only do steel construction sites not use water, they are also clean and quiet: a good point for your future neighbours 🙂

Always respecting the environment, steel is a material that allows real energy savings. Coupled with efficient acoustic and thermal insulation solutions, you will limit your energy losses and greenhouse gas emissions.

Resistance to natural and climatic phenomena

Resistance to natural and climatic phenomena

The steel meets all the requirements of the various safety regulations.

Due to its natural properties and the treatments associated with it, it is a material that is at once fireproof, seismic, paracyclonic and insensitive to fungi, termites and other pests.

Regarding fire risks, steel is non-combustible. That is, it does not participate in the development of fire. Moreover, it is gas and flame proof and retains deadly fumes. Reversible, it is also the only structural material with the ability to regain its original capacity during the cooling phase.

Steel construction is capable of deforming inthe face of seismic shocks without collapsing (a major cause of death in earthquakes).

This is why, in areas of high seismic risk, many buildings, even of the building type, are built of steel.

At Bimify we use the TITAN construction process developed in Japan 40 years ago.

Seismic zone in france

The elements of a metal structure can therefore be deformed without risk of breaking. Thanks to its lightness, steel reduces the masses set in motion during an earthquake and consequently theinertia of the building.

In France, since May 1, 2011, the “seismic regulations” to evolve with the entry into force of theEurocodes 8 establishing the “rules of design and dimensioning of structures for their resistance to earthquakes” and the establishment of a new seismic zoning.

Low maintenance, steel is the most naturally resistant material to natural phenomena such as storms and pests.

Steel can be strengthened by numerous corrosion protection systems and is a guarantee of longevity for your construction. Finally, the lighter a structure is, the less energy it needs to heat it. Consequently, your steel structure, 6 times lighter than concrete, will provide better insulation.

Saving time and money

Saving time and money

Not only is steel 30% cheaper than traditional and 3 times faster to build, it is also a material that allows for the development of large glazed spaces.

A real advantage to take advantage of themore comfortable natural lighting for the occupant (provided you also think about summer sunshine with high-quality glazing or sunbreakers) and also to make real energy savings! With a very competitive overall cost, the use of steel in your construction guarantees a long service life in terms of both appearance and function.

Design and modularity

This is the primary property of steel: its manageability, which allows architects and designers to give free rein to their great creativity!

Indeed, this material adapts as much to the modern, with a new construction, as to the old one with, for example, the restoration of an old building.

Thanks to its economic advantage, low environmental impact and unlimited design, steel is perfectly suited to the construction challenges of the City of Tomorrow.

Allowing multiple uses and decorations, steel can be used for any type of building: from the Tiny House to the R+8, from the garden lodge to the large urban halls.

In addition, the manufacture of steel structure elements is extremely precise.

With Building Information Modeling(BIM) technology, you can be sure of a construction free of measurement errors.

This is the case at Bimify, with our French production based on these modelling and robotics technologies. Our Tiny Houses and other galvanized steel constructions are thus entirely modular and customizable, to create your unique construction!

Want to discuss your project with professionals? Contact the BIMIFY team 🙂

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