More and more people are looking for accommodation away from the city and its acolytes named pollution and concrete in order to reconnect with nature,the time of a weekend or holiday.

It is also a growing demand from city dwellers who, in the face of the health crisis, wish towork in the countryside. Even if you are confined, you might as well be in a quiet accommodation with an outside!

But while this idea tempts many of us, some of us can’t (or won’t) invest in a traditional home for a budget issue or a desire for a much more atypicalone.

Fortunately, other alternativehousing solutions exist to offer you on a smaller budget a secondary housing just as comfortable and rejuvenating.

And so is tiny House! Its solid, insulated, eco-friendly, bespoke and cheaper than a classic house makes it the ideal place for a holiday home whether for you or to offer it as a tourist rental!


Disconnect guaranteed with your tiny minimalist house

Synonymous with minimalism,the Tiny House is the way to easily alternate city life and disconnected life.

On the one hand: your week of hustle and bustle, work, planning, screens, reports, noisy streets, transportation, etc.

On the other: your weekend is quiet, time for yourself, back to basics, reconnection to nature. A total break with the din.

In your small house on wheels, accompanied by the bare necessities (here no room for the superfluous), it is time to recharge and enjoy the landscapes, nature, animals, that surround your Tiny House.

Designed to be nomadic,you can also put your mini-house wherever you want!

On holiday, you are curious, looking for new discoveries and new places to explore? You’re not the type to always go to the same place?

Perfect! Hitch your Tiny House and take it with you wherever you like: mountain, countryside, beach, city, … She will follow you as you wish!


Tiny House comfort and aesthetics

Designed to your liking,The Tiny House allows you to enjoy your weekends and holidays all year round!

Indeed, its thermal capacityis closer to a traditional house than to another nomadic habitat such as a caravan or a mobile home.

This small house on wheels has excellent insulation, heating, air conditioning if you like, thick carpentry, quality finishes and a custom-made interior layout to optimize the living space.

All the comforts of a standard home but at a lower costand with a low environmental impact!

Also in terms of health, the comfort of having your own holiday accommodation is not negligible: no shared spaces and proximity with other holidaymakers, therefore less health risk.


Tiny House budget mastered

Even when you own a second home, with a Tiny House you don’t blow up your housing budget thanks to its cheaper purchase price than a traditional home and the low expense of expenses in charge and maintenance.

Savings that will allow you to make more outings and increase your holiday budget! And yes, no more calculating the week rate of seasonal rentals, with your own second home you leave as long as you want: it’s your home now!

Another advantage, you can enjoy this freedom very quickly. Once the trailer is received, the construction of a Tiny House with Bimify takes less than 3 months:you can enjoy your new cozy nest very quickly!


Tiny house profitable rental investment

You only have to take a look at the seasonal rental platforms such as Airbnb, Abritel, Booking or Tripadvisor to see how the offers and demands for atypical housing are growing.

More and more tourists want new and more co-responsibleholiday experiences: escape without having to go far, without flying.

Escape, but otherwise. The unusual, the respect for nature, a new experience. A demand reinforced by the health crisis.

That’s what Tiny House is all about! With all the modern comforts,this mini-house will allow your customers to come and recharge without having to ignore their need for comfort on holiday: heating, air conditioning, appliances, bedding, sanitary, etc. And for you it’s the assurance of being able to rent a yearif you want!

Thanks to its lower investment cost, low demand for maintenance and expenses, you will quickly make your Tiny House profitable by offering offers “unusual night”, “bucolic stay” or “nature holiday”. Depending on the region, the nightranges from €70 $150. A full-time rental can increase your income by 20,000 euros per year!

Thus the Tiny House allows an individual as well as a professional such as a campsite or cottage, to quickly complete his offer of seasonal rental while giving meaning with atourist walk co-responsible.

Don’t hesitate to read our article How to install a Tiny House on a Plot.

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