Your tailor-madeTiny House, delivered in kit form or turnkey

Tiny House made in France

Fully modular and customizable, our Tiny Houses models can be adapted to all your desires.

Our manufacturing concept combining technologies galvanized steel ensures the solidity and reliability of your micro-home.

The origin of Tiny Houses

The concept of the Tiny House, literally “cute little house”, was born in the United States following the real estate crisis of 2008, allowing you to become a homeowner at a lower cost and take your little one home anywhere. Less polluting and more robust than motorhomes, this small house on wheels will grow strongly in the last 10 years thanks to the development of a more ecological and anti-materialist way of life.

Known for its qualities in terms of mobility, strength and economy, the Tiny House is now aimed at a wider audience. Fully customizable, it is the ideal solution for different needs: minimalist accommodation, additional room, professional office, mobile shop, camping accommodation, etc….

Our Tiny House models

Our manufacturing process integrating BIM and robotics technologies guarantees you you zero construction errors on your work and fast delivery.

To facilitate the design of your future small house, we offer you a model of Tiny Houses(with and without mezzanine) to customize. The models presented below are therefore indicative and modular.

We invite you to contact us to work together on the modeling of your custom-made Tiny House, made in France!



  1. Main structure: Cold-formed galvanized steel (90 x 40 mm 1.5 mm thick C profiles)

  2. Cladding:
    Wood or Composite siding blades.

  3. Indoor dressing:
    Lambri in Poplar (or others)

  4. Dressing wet walls:
    Poplar (or other) panelling

  5. Stairway Structure:
    Steel or Wood
  6. Mezzanine Structure: Steel

Living area

Possibility of customization of the structure. The data below are provided on the basis of the structure of the model with mezzanine the“Tiny Cosy”:

  • Low floor:
    15 sqm env.
  • Sleeping areas: 7.5 sqm (2 seats in the front – 1 seat at the back)
  • Width: 2.50m apart from everything (legal limit)
  • Length: 7.2 m excluding everything (other dimensions on demand)
  • Height: 4m
  • Joineries: Aluminium (other options)

(Outdoor view)

Micro house on trailer

(Cut view)

Wheeled rolling house

(Top view)

Tiny House plans Mezzanine

(Mezzanine view)

Model house on wheel

(kitchen view)

House lounge view on trailer

(Show view)

Tiny House Interior

(Bathroom view)

Tiny House : exterior

Our team accompanies you in the choice of the external elements of your cottage on wheels. We provide you with many materials that will allow you todress your small rolling house according to your tastes and budget..

Fully modular and customizable, our Tiny Houses provide you with a solid galvanized steel structure, guaranteed 100 years and 100% recyclable,designed according to the constructive process TITAN (Guaranteeof structureGarantie de la structure seulealone).


Tiny House : materials

Not only are all our Tiny Houses designed with a basic materials kit, which can be consulted in the drop-down lists below, but the interior and exterior of your small house are also fully customizable ! Let us know what you want to do to create a unique Tiny House that suits you.

Structure :

Structure in light galvanized steel Z350 at least, in Kit with assembly and assembly plan. Supply of the profiles to be assembled according to the plans, screws and fixing accessories supplied.

tiny house self-construction

Why choose a steel structure for your TINY HOUSE ?

  1. Solid : The structure is designed to withstand wind forces, road shaking, weather or termite attacks.
  2. Lightness : Light weight of the structure (compared to an equivalent wooden structure): approx. 400-500kg
  3. Precision : Millemetric manufacturing of the structure of your Tiny House.
  4. Easy assembly of the structure : the profiles are numbered, cut to size and pre-drilled for easy and error-free assembly.
  5. Customization : We can adapt the structure to your needs, according to your wishes.

Soils :

  • On dry and damp soils, our Tiny Houses come with
    floating bamboo flooring
    (Natural, Champagne, Amber, Coffee,etc.) – insulating film.

Walls and partitions:

  • For the exterior wall coverings we have included wooden or composite siding blades according to your desires, this parquet is to be clipped and fixed on the structure on secondary frame in wooden cups. The dimensions of these blades are 220 x 6000 mm, however, the dimensions can vary depending on the choice of materials. In order to complete the coating, a rainproof film and rolls of
    insulator in chamber wool, cotton, linen from BioFib
    with Kraft steam barrier in 100 mm thick are also included in the kit.
  • With regard to the interior partitions of dry rooms, our team proposes,in the basic kit, poplar paneling (natural, to be painted or washed).
  • As for the interior partitions of the wet rooms, the BA13 waterproof veneer panels in 2400 x 1200 mm or the poplar panelling depending on your choice.
  • We incorporate in our basic kit, glass windows with 2 fronts (aluminum frame or other), double glazing with handles and mechanisms. As well as a bay window (aluminium frame) and a pvc or aluminum front door (model to be confirmed by the customer).

Ceilings :

Roofing :

  • The roof is composed of a 63/100 steel tray (colour to choose: red, terracotta, blue, blue, anthracite grey), a ridge cap matching the sheet and 150mm edge boards.
  • We also offer roofing variants to reduce the impact of rainwater. Contact us for further questions.


  • ‘Stairs are made of wood or metal structure (depending on the customer’s specifications).

Plumbing and electricity:

  • All of our Tiny Houses have a water infed system (PPR), a PVC water drainage system (a standard product to EU standards), an electric octopus from the Legrand brand (Celiane series) and an electric panel with door (pose in protruding), as well as a special VMC Tiny for the bathroom.


  • The proposed materials are included in our basic kit. However, we draw your attention to the fact that you have the possibility to customize all the materials of your future Tiny house.
  • Our team is at your disposal from Monday to Friday from 9am to 6pm and on Saturday from 9am to 12pm.

Tiny House : self-construction

Do you want to build your Own Tiny House yourself? Self-building your small house is no easy task, it is important to study this project well and secure it!

The professional team of Bimify, designer and manufacturer of Tiny Houses, is here to accompany you on this adventure. Paper sketches or computer files, regardless of the medium on which you have drawn and imagined your plan, we work with you to develop together the 3D digital model (BIM) of your future custom Tiny House.

The layout is entirely modular and customizable: you let us know your desires, we give you our advice, and we compose the complete kit for your self-construction adapted to your DIY level (beginner, intermediate or expert).


RGPD and Personal Data:

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Tiny House autoconstruction france
french inside model house

What are the uses of this type of alternative housing ?

Nomadic, ecological and economical, the Tiny House is the ideal solution for individuals and professionals, in town or in the countryside!

Mobile plant

Equip your ‘Tiny’ with
or small factories to process the crops of your local producers. You will thus participate in the development
of your local products
and in the development of short and local circuits.

Mobile restaurant

Imagine a TinyHouse dedicated to a design and functional kitchen with a beautiful and welcoming outdoor terrace. Thanks to its mobility, you
will generate interest
and create the expectation of the next visit to customers.

Mobile commerce

Relive the campaigns by distributing all the basic necessities in a mobile location.

You will thus respond to the problem of
of the city centres while creating a link with the local population.

Mobile bakery

Meet the isolated people in rural areas with your mobile bakery.

The meeting place of the villages that will become a real
moment of sharing
and pleasure around a good fresh bread.

Cyber mobile café

Offer a mobile home

for Internet users and victims of digital isolation in order to bring together a true community of mutual aid around Internetaccess.

The ideal meeting point to recreate social ties, help with administrative procedures and provide training in new technologies.

Student accommodation

Rent a
Student House
with a dedicated workspace, a reduced cost and livable over 10 months. A solution to the shortage of student housing. Hors période scolaire, vous pourrez augmenter vos incomeby offering seasonal rentals.

Atypical rental

Introduce your
Tiny Dream
as an unusual accommodation for all occasions: Valentine’s Day, wedding anniversary, New Year’s Eve, fireworks, surprise weekend or family vacation. Your guests will even be able to have their accommodation at the place of their choice to make their stay truly unique.

Medical practice

Fight medical
by receiving patients in your mobile office. A remedy for doctors that will allow the establishment of permanents in
different areas
throughout the week.

Mobile garage

Organize your mobile garage with all the
machines and tools you need
to maintain and repair vehicles. You can thus plan permanencies on given places or move according to the demand.

Mobile gallery

Painter, art gallery, bookseller, antique dealer, promoter… Enjoy all the benefits of a studio without paying monthly rent.

In addition, you can move your studio if its location no longer suits you.

Mobile office

Move your
mobile workplace
to suit your needs or construction sites. A mobility that will become your major asset to be closer to your customers.

Mobile Disco

Set up your
Disco Tiny
based on your activity and meet a new audience. Musician, evening entertainer, sound and light equipment rental company, music salesman… You will make your passion known to as many people as possible.


Tiny House : legislation

legislation caravan, trailer, mobile home, family field, shack, tinyhouse, green tourism.

T he ALURAct of February 2014 specifies the status ofalternative habitat. Section L 121-1 of the Planning Codehas therefore been amended by this Act to determine the characteristics of mobile or removable dwellings and their settlement. Thus, since the implementation of the ALUR law, an individual wishing to install an alternative housing on a building land or not must:

  • Justify a planning permit or a pre-declaration (unless the floor exceeds 20m2: you will then need a building permit).
  • To have land that meets the same requirements as those imposed on conventional housing: public water and electricity distribution networks and network sanitation.
  • Be located in a constructible area, whose capacity is limited and defined by the local urban planning plan.
  • The housing must also be removable or movable, as well as all external installations and equipment.
  • Be subject to an environmental impact assessment if you do not connect it to the public network (e. g. mobile septic tank or dry toilets).
  • Be occupied as the main habitat, i.e. at least 8 months per year.
  • Not having a foundation and being autonomous.

What is the regulation of this type of mobile habitat ?

A «land mobile residence» is a habitable land vehicle that permanently retains the technical possibility of moving independently or by traction, and which is not prohibited to traffic by the highway code (a mobile home, a caravan, a tiny-house on wheels). This type of housing is not subject to local taxes or housing tax. However, if you use it as your main residence, you will have to pay an annual tax of 150 euros (or 100 euros if it is more than 10 years old, and unless exempted).

A «light leisure dwelling» is a mobile home (which is an exceptional convoy on the road), a chalet or a cabin in the trees. For this type of dwelling, you must pay property tax only if the dwelling is placed on a concrete base and is not normally intended to be moved. This type of housing also remains subject to the housing tax.

Realization of a mobile office on a trailer

At the request of a client who wanted to have an office at the back of his garden to set up his professional activity. The client provided us with his ideas and we made the plans for his project. This customer now has a mobile office that can be moved anywhere. Do as he did:-)

Tailor-made design of your mobile home

Our team designs your small mobile home on trailer to measure. From a simple idea, our specialists make your biggest dream come true!

Your home on a trailer

Do you dream of freedom? We realize your project of house on trailer so that you can escape.