Your Garden Studio in Kit or Keys in Hand

Easily create a new living space in your garden with Bimify!

A dependent room to entertain your friends, offer a studio to your children or set up your office.

We guarantee a solid structure guaranteed 100 years and 100 recyclable.

Why choose a galvanized steel garden studio?

  1. Strength: Seismic, paracyclonic and anti-fire, the TITAN’s constructive process is also insensitive to fungi, termites and other insects.
  2. Speed: Made in France, thanks to digital and robotic technologies, your structure is built on foundations in 2 days.
  3. Accuracy and ease of assembly: Designed from BIM digital models that guarantee zero manufacturing errors, the profiles are numbered, cut to size and pre-pierced.
  4. Economy:30 cheaper than traditional, galvanized steel complies with CSTB’s EUROCODES, DTU 32.3 as well as EC, BBC and RTA DOM standards.
  5. Customization: All our buildings are fully modular and customizable according to your tastes and budget.

Technical information:

  • Main structure: Cold-formed galvanized steel (90 x 40 mm thick C profiles)
  • Cladding: PVC cladding blades (other configurations, wood or other on request)
  • Interior dressing: Placoplâtre
  • Covering wet walls:Waterproof plasterboard or composite concrete

Livable area:

  • Low floor: 19.98 sqm or nearly You don’t need a building permit! A simple permit in the town hall is enough.
  • Width: 3.5m off-top
  • Length: 6m out of total
  • Height of partitions: 2.5 m
  • Carpentry: PVC (possible options for wood or aluminum)

In kit or Key in Hand?

You’re the one who sees it! An expert or allergic to work, you can set up your involvement in your project.

Content of different versions:

1 – Metal structure alone

  • All the building blocks of the structure, delivered to be assembled on a pallet.
  • The screw to assemble the panels.
  • The attachment elements to solidify the panels of the structure.
  • The plans for the installation and installation of the panels.
  • Difficulty level: ‘Expert handyman’.

2 – Assembling the panels

  • All the panels of the structure are delivered to you already assembled.
  • You will have to solidify them on a concrete slab and then dress and arrange your studio according to your tastes.
  • Difficulty level: ‘Expert handyman’.

3 – Assembling the structure on the foundations

  • The structure is assembled by our team on your foundations.
  • You will have to dress this structure and arrange the interior.
  • Difficulty level: ‘Confirmed handyman’.

4 – Covered walled garden studio

  • The lodge takes shape on a foundation and is covered with exterior covering, cladding and carpentry.
  • All you have to do is carry out the electrical and hydraulic installations.
  • You will also need to provide insulation (walls, partitions, ceilings) and make the interior coatings (walls, floors, ceilings).
  • Difficulty level: ‘Intermediate handyman’.

5 – Garden studio or turnkey office

  • The studio or office is finished with exterior/interior coatings chosen by you.
  • All finishes are done (excluding decoration).
  • Difficulty level: (beginner handyman).

Structure :

  • Z350 galvanized lightweight steel structure at least, in kit with assembly and assembly plan.
  • Supply of the profiles to be assembled according to the plans, screws and fixing accessories supplied.

Soils :

  • Dry floors: Laminate flooring, grey or beige colours included – other colours on quotes.
  • Wet soils: PVC soil rolls to stick. Colors parquet effect, other colors on quote.

Do you have a plan?

Bimify accompanies you in all stages: from digital model design to kit or turnkey delivery.

Construction of a garden studio in steel structure

T he Bimify team accompanies you in the selection of the exterior and interior elements of your future garden studio. You have the choice of many materials to design your new additional room according to your tastes and your budget.

All of our buildings, such as Tiny Houses and booster desks,are fully modular and customizable. Designed according to the Titan constructive process,our galvanized steel structures are guaranteed 100 years and 100 recyclables.

What is the cost of a garden studio?

We provide you with different formulas: from the kit to be assembled yourself in self-construction to the turnkey formula.

Each project is unique and fully customizable: contact us on Monday-Friday from 9am to 6pm (Saturday by appointment).

Below the basic rates corresponding to a garden studio with an area of 19.98 m2 (width 3.5m off everything, length of 6m out of all)

Rates given as an indication.

Do you have a question? A request? A project? Contact us!

Your garden studio delivered in kit or turnkey

Easily add an extra room to your garden without a building permit!

A new bespoke dependent piece

Professional office, children’s studio, guest room… Create a new living space for your needs!