Yes, living with one or more children in a Tiny House is possible! Some of them already do, so why not you?

To achieve this without constraints, you simply have to think about this project in detail in order to plan a daily life without constraints in a minimized space for all the members of your tribe (animals included 😉 ).

In this article, we give you our tips for achieving your life goal without ignoring comfort, practicality and intimacy in your future Tiny House.


A big project in a small house
A Big Project in a Small House

It is certain, to be able to be owner of its housing at lower cost and without indebtedness on tens of years is one of the big advantages of the Tiny House which pushes more and more people to make this choice of housing. Especially since the health and economic crisis will only increase interest in this type of alternative housing.

But living in a Tiny House is not only an economic choice. It is also a new way of conceiving one’s life and one’s goals. We limit our housing, our impact on the environment and we turn more towards others and nature.

Less expense, less superfluous, less waste of time (cleaning in a Tiny becomes limit a small part of fun …) for more family activities, outdoor games and shared moments.

Not to mention the escapades and new discoveries, even tour of Europe (and beyond!) for the most curious, that allows you this nomadic life.

In short, a simpler, freer life. Show the world to your children. This is a great project to be realized.


Tiny house comfort and peace haven
Tiny House comfort and peace haven

Of course, a Tiny House means a small space. But that doesn’t mean you’ll feel cramped. On the contrary, be imaginative and design your little house by bringing the outside in! Place several points of light: up, down, small, large, windows will open up the space!

But don’t forget to install blackout curtains so that the whole family can enjoy a good night’s sleep without being bothered by daylight in the early morning or during the little ones’ nap… You will therefore need thick curtains that are wider than the windows so that the light does not pass over the sides.

Don’t forget good thermal insulation and heating points, even if a small space such as a Tiny House needs little heating…

Think also of a good ventilation to avoid humidity. Between the showers of the whole family and the wet laundry to dry inside in winter, it is essential to have a good VMC and windows to renew the air well.

Another important point of comfort to think about… the toilet !

We can never repeat it enough: the dry toilets do not smell! It’s all about hygiene and organization.

For a family with children, it will be necessary just to organize to not forget to empty the bucket regularly.

But if this is really uncomfortable for you, you should know that there are different types of toilets you can install in a Tiny House. We have published an article about this that you can read here.

Finally, in your little house on wheels you can enjoy the comfort of the appliances as much as in a traditional house. Stoves, ovens, refrigerators, dishwashers, washing machines, and even dryers: there are different sizes depending on the dimensions of your Tiny. You can also equip yourself with 2-in-1 models such as a washing machine-dryer to save space.

Therefore, design the plan of your Tiny House according to the space to devote to this type of equipment according to your desire for comfort. The large Tiny House models for families are perfectly adapted to these needs and are fully modular like our TinyCosy.


Practical tiny house
Practical Tiny House

Before you even walk through your little Tiny’s door, you’ll have to think about how practical it is for a family life every day.

Imagine, design, optimize the layout of each space with solutions and storage furniture to the right size, modular, removable that allow you to keep a fluid and unobstructed movement in the Tiny House.

For this, use all the surfaces above ground: height under ceiling, staircase, corners, etc… These arrangements will be used in terms of practicality.

We are not going to put in height or under the seat of the living room the things useful in everyday life, but rather the out-of-season business, the papers, the raclette machine, etc.

While it’s more convenient to have everyday business at your fingertips quickly without having to go back and forth in the Tiny.

Clothes, for example. It’s better to provide storage space directly in the bathroom, even if it means enlarging this room and limiting the size of the bedroom, which will only accommodate a bed for the parents and extra toy boxes for the children.

For the shoes also foresee a dedicated cupboard not to clutter the floor.

The same goes for coats and bags, which can be hung on pegs near the entrance.

Don’t forget the little details that will make all the difference:

  • The location of the water heater: it is better to have it close to both the kitchen and the bathroom to avoid running the cold water for too long. By installing your bathroom near the kitchen in the Tiny House, you will avoid wasting water and save time!
  • The floor covering: as we said before, the time spent on cleaning is considerably reduced when you move into a Tiny House. However, with the family coming and going from outside and a smaller floor area, it can get dirty faster. so it’s best to choose a covering that’s easy to clean.
  • Access to the first floor for children: safer and more practical than a ladder for the youngest, use a staircase (which can be retractable) to access their room if it is high.
  • The space to dry the clothes: don’t forget to foresee a space to dry them inside in winter or on rainy days that won’t disturb the circulation in the Tiny.

To go further in the design of small spaces, you can read our article here about all the techniques and tips for saving space.


Privacy in a tiny house
Privacy in a Tiny House

Just because you’re going to live in a Tiny House as a family doesn’t mean you have to give up your privacy. This life project aims at the development of everyone: without intimacy it would no longer make sense! Children, teens and parents need to give themselves moments. And in a Tiny House it’s also possible!

With themodular layout of this little house on wheels, you can play with the layout and decoration to create privacy for everyone.

Install physical and visual separations with partitions, doors, curtains, furniture, screens, etc.

And why not think about several Tiny Houses? Whether it is to dedicate a living room like the living room or to arrange a teenager’s room. This little Tiny House can also be used as your children’s first home when they start working 🙂

You want to discuss your Tiny House project with professionals? Contact the BIMIFY team 🙂

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