Whether it is to cope with soaring prices per square metre of real estate, to invest in rental housing or to engage in a minimalist approach, more and more of us are turning to small living spaces. But how do we optimize them and gain space?

In this article, we give you interior design techniques and tricks. Follow our tips to make your home both functional and cozy. You won’t feel cramped anymore!


Basic techniques to earn a few m2 in your tinyhouse

Whether you want to build a 20-square-metre studio, a Tiny House,a small rental apartment or just a narrow room in your home, you need to free up the floor to the maximum to save space. This will help you avoid this constant clutter feeling.

To do this, you will need to optimize your interior design by using all the other surfaces available to smooth the flow in your home. Frames of doors, attic corners, staircase, ceiling height, … Use all these unused spaces!

Also install storage furniture. For example, a headboard for its decorative aspect but which will also serve as shelves to store books, jewelry, alarm clock, etc. Choose furniture that is well sized and proportional to the room: a shallow storage area will be preferred in a hallway.

In a small space even more than elsewhere, it is important to adopt a reflex of sorting and storage systemizedso as not to be invaded by objects. And for the most rigorous (or maniacs 😉), you can take the mission even further by taking inspiration from Marie Kondo’s millimetered folding techniques, to maximize the space of your dressing room! Finally, another technique to gain m2, if you can, is the use of larger works such as the abatement of a wall or the creation of a mezzanine.


Use the space under the stairs of your tinyhouse to gain a bit of space

Often abandoned, however, it is a lost space that can save you a lot of space! The perfect place to create a storage, relaxation, dressing room or bike garage and why not also by partitioning it install your toilet!


organize an office corner in your tiny house

Separate containment period (article written in March 2020), telework is growing more and more. But reconciling personal space with a professional office can be difficult.

However, your homeworking space is not to be overlooked because it must be welcoming enough to facilitate your day-to-day work. It must become a source of motivation to take pleasure in settling there and this even if at home there are no colleagues or manager to boost you.

But in a small dwelling, it’s hard to know where to install your workspace with all the necessary storage.

Use an unused corner between a window and a cupboard, for example, or even under a window. Install a simple plank cut according to the length and width desired for your custom-made desk or why not just a door watch or a faded shutter in a flea market!

Set up your office to feel good and consider multiplying storage solutions (shelves, shelves, tableking) to declutter as much as possible and facilitate traffic in the room.


Set up a small living room in your tinyhouse

In a small dwelling, think about your layout for the sake of organization and efficient traffic. For example, you don’t need to clutter up a coffee table if you already have a bar/table area to eat. Prefer small, easily moved, multi-function extra furniture such as a wooden chest, stool or piece of sofa. Your living room furniture should be able to adapt to the surface of your room and allow you intelligent storage. So choose a convertible sofa or with storage chest to use it as needed! On the décor side, highlight your living room with a beautiful carpet to make this room of life certainly airy but cozy and welcoming.


Arrange a small bathroom in your mobile home

The goal in the development of a small bathroom is to make it as pleasant as possible despite its small surface area. Install space-saving furniture with built-in storage and a shower to maximize space.

To highlight this cocooning corner,choose well-placed touches of colour, trendy tiles and space-saving decorative accessories. You can also add style to your bathroom by repainting your bathtub or choosing the original faucet.


Equip a small kitchen in your small rolling house

This is the place where you can optimize everything to save as much space as possible! Using furniture dedicated to storage and appliances adapted to the size of your kitchenette.

Install high storage cupboards to store your utensils and appliances of course but also to store if needed other objects such as administrative papers, medicines, DIY tools, etc.

You can use modular furniture such as a wheeled dessert or a folding dining area to be able to organize your kitchen according to your needs.

There are also many appliances specially designed for small spaces: from the mini teapot to the mini dishwasher, you can count on it to optimize your kitchen area.

Finally, you will have understood, in the kitchen as in the other rooms, adopt the reflex of decluttering by freeing up as much space on the worktop and thus make the space more airy and functional immediately.

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