Your Garden Studio in Kit or Turnkey

Easily create a new living space in your garden with Bimify!

A dependent room to receive your friends, offer a studio to your children or install your office.

We guarantee a solid , resistant and 100% recyclable structure.

Why choose a galvanized steel garden studio?

  1. Solidity : Parasismic, cyclonic and fireproof, the constructionprocess is also insensitive to fungi, termites and other insects.
  2. Speed : Manufactured in France, thanks to digital and robotic technologies, your structure is assembled on foundations in less than 5 days.
  3. Accuracy and ease of assembly : Designed from digital BIM models guaranteeing absolute reliability, all the galvanized steel profiles are numbered to simplify assembly on site, the profiles are also cut to size and pre-drilled to facilitate the passage of the electrical and hydraulic networks.
  4. Economy : Cheaper than traditional, our galvanized steel structures comply with EUROCODES, DTU 32.3 of the CSTB as well as CE, BBC and RTA DOM standards.
  5. Personalization : All our constructions are entirely modular and customizable according to your tastes, your desires and your budget.

Technical information:

  • Main structure: Cold-formed light steel structure (C-profile 100 x 41 mm, 1.2 mm thick)
  • Cladding : Thermo-heated poplar wood cladding(or similar)
  • Interior panelling : Poplar panelling (raw or painted according to configuration).
  • Wet wall cladding: Waterproof panel.

Living area :

  • Low floor: 16.83 m².
  • Mezzanine 1 : 5,61 m².
  • Mezzanine 2 : 5,61 m².
  • Width : 2.55 m overall
  • Length: 6.60 m overall
  • Height of the structure : 4,30 m
  • Woodwork: Aluminium (wood options available).

GARDEN STUDIO In kit or ClEFS en Main ?

Whether you are a beginner or an experienced do-it-yourselfer, our teams will accompany you during your project!

Contents of the different versions :

1 – Metal structure only

  • All galvanized steel profiles are delivered on a pallet.
  • Supply of screws and bolts ( Wurth brand or similar) to assemble the panels.
  • The assembly and layout plans of the panels.

2 – Garden studio OUT OF WATER, OUT OF AIR

  • The garden studio takes shape on a foundation and is covered with the external elements of roofing, cladding and joinery.
  • You will have to install the electrical and hydraulic systems.
  • You will also have to provide insulation (walls, partitions, ceilings) and carry out the interior coverings (walls, floors, ceilings).

3 – Turnkey garden studio or office

  • The garden studio or office is finished with exterior/interior coverings chosen by you.
  • Supply of household appliances: 82l refrigerator, induction or gas hob, gas or electric oven, washing machine.
  • Custom furniture design in our workshop in Sainte-Hélène by our team of carpenters.


  • Galvanized light steel structure, in kit form with assembly and installation plan.
  • Supply of galvanised steel profiles to be assembled according to the plans, screws and fixing accessories supplied.


  • Dry floors: Floating oak parquet (or similar product).
  • Wet floors: Quick-Step laminate flooring for wet interiors.


  • Raw poplar panelling (painting optional).
  • Waterproof laminated panel 100% waterproof for the interior of the shower.

Do you have a plan?

Bimify accompanies you in all the stages: from the design on digital model to the delivery in kit or turnkey.

Realization of a garden studio in steelstructure

he team Bimify will help you select the exterior and interior elements of your future garden studio. You can choose from many materials to design your new extra room to suit your taste and budget.

All our constructions, such as the Tiny Houses and offices, are fully modular and customizable. Designed by numerically controlled machines and BIM technology, our galvanized steel structures are resistant and 100% recyclable.

What is the cost of a garden studio?

We offer you different formulas: from the kit to assemble yourself in self-construction to the turnkey formula.

Each project is unique and entirely customizable: contact us at +33 5 47 74 96 11 from Monday to Friday from 09h to 18h (Saturday by appointment).

Below are the basic rates for a garden studio with a double mezzanine and a floor area of 16.83 m² Mezzanine 1 of 5.61 m² + Mezzanine 2 of 5.61m², i.e. a total of 28.05 m². (Dimension Length 6,60m x Width 2,55m overall).

Rates given as an indication.

Any questions? A request? A project? Contact us!

Your garden studio delivered in kit or turnkey

Easily add an extra room to your garden without planning permission!

A new bespoke dependent piece

Professional office, children’s studio, guest room… Create a new living space according to your needs!